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Exhibition cover
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Manifest Destiny -- Creative Manifesto

#299 "Marilyn"
Mixed media construction, 30" x 29" x 7"

Reginald Case's "Marilyn" is a seductive treasure. It takes what has certainly become a hackneyed image of the sex symbol/hurt-little-girl persona, and converts it into a quasi-holy icon. The image of a reclining, gossamer-clad Monroe peeks out in an ambivalent invitation from a bejeweled frame. At first glance, one is struck by its apparent opulence, rivaling anything that is to be found in an old Slavonic church. Only after careful examination do we realize that the glitter originates not our of diamonds and rubies, but in chintz, glass and faux pearls, in totality a gaudy bauble. Yet the opulence is real, the reality that Hollywood has to offer: an image that can be both adored for its fragility and scrutinzed for its artificial components.

#310 "Statue of Liberty"
Mixed media assemblage, 17" x 13"

Reginald Case's "Statue of Liberty" is another work in his series based on the American symbol. Enclosed in an ornate frame that almost overwhelms the picture, the Statue of Liberty becomes an icon fit to be adored in a votive candlelit environment: a holy relic enshrined in its portable gilded altar. The photograph of the Statue is transformed into a sanctified object of our culture. Despite its small size, it is a powerful statement sanctifying a humanist icon.

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