ELVIS & MARILYN: 2 x IMMORTAL selected articles, statements and reviews
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Catalog cover from exhibition

Wendy McDaris, Curator, Author, Rizzoli International, 1994

Catalog cover from exhibition

The exhibition traveled widely and was shown in several American museums and an extensive tour throughout Japanese cities and museums in 1995-98, and in Honolulu.

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Taken from Foreword in Exhibition Catalog:

While it has been 35 years since the death of Marilyn Monroe and 20 years since the death of Elvis Presley, their popularity remains and they continue to fascinate people all over the world. The two share a common trait in that their influence is not felt in just cinema or music, but rather affects a wide variety of artistic media and genres. Their influence has transcended their era and the popular culture of their time to affect many artists even today. Taken as the theme of works of art, Marilyn and Presley do not only represent themselves as individuals, but stand as symbols for their societies and times.

This exhibition is composed of pieces taken from an exhibition that travelled in the USA to 11 different venues from 1995 to 1997, with the addition of some works by Japanese artists and from various collections. All the 110 or so pieces in the exhibition, spanning the period from 1950 to the present, center on the theme of Elvis and Marilyn. This exhibition will provide an opportunity to reconsider their influence on world art and cultures, not merely in the USA, by tracing their path from celebrity to legend and from myth to icon.

The organizers gratefully acknowledge the support and kind assistance of artists and collection owners who generously lent their valuable works so this exhibition could be staged. We would also like to thank The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan, The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan, Embassy of the United States of America, Japan, and all other individuals and organizations for their support and encouragement.

The Organizers
Tropical Marilyn

#350 "Tropical Marilyn"
Mixed media assemblage, 20" x 18" x 3"
Reginald Case's assemblage was featured on page 90 of the exhibition catalog.

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