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Catalog cover from exhibition

Art About Art
by Jean Lipman and Richard Marshall

Reginald Case's Young Girl
#142 Young Girl
Photo collage, 18" x 13"
Collection: Museum of American Folk Art, NYC
Folk art was first appreciated and collected by artists in the 1920's, and since then it has gradually become an acknowledged part of American art history. Now, fifty years later, artists are again taking a special interest in folk art. Ammi Phillips's Girl in Red with Her Cat and Dog (1834-1836; Private collection), which has been a very popular painting in recent folk art exhibitions and is often reproduced in color, was easy prey.

Reginald Case placed his collaged child on a rug cut out of a color reproduction of Matisse's cut-and-pasted work The Parakeet and the Siren (1953; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam) and used a reproduction of Matisse's Large Decoration with Masks (1953; National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.) as a background.

Case, by using a catalogue reproduction in which the girl's shoes blended into the black background, has cut the feet off at the ankle so that they seem to be tucked through the Matisse "rug", making the figure more primitive than the original.

The following excerpt is taken from Preface in Art About Art by Jean Lipman and Richard Marshall

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